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Disposable Online
Disposable Online

250Ml Exclusive Range Of Water Glasses

250ml RR Brown Generic
Magic mixed Coloured Straws 207 x 6 mm
Paper Fruit Printed Glases 250ml

250Ml Low Range Water Glasses

Glass 250ml WATER GLASS

250Ml Medium Range Water Glasses

Glass 250ml plastic
Glass 78 x 82 mm(Dia x H)

250Ml Value Of Money Range Of Water Glasses

Paper Fruit Printed Glasses 250ml

300Ml Juice Glasses

Glass 76 x 95 mm(Dia x H)

350Ml,400Ml & 500Ml Juice Glasses

450ml Single Wall Cup

Drinking Straws

Juice & milk Glasses (200Ml)

210ml RR Light Brown (GENERIC)
Paper Fruit Printed Glasses 210ml

Tiffin Plate Round 8inch (Medium Size)

Board Green 3ply paper plates 8inch
Board silver paper plates 8inch
paper plates plastic coated 8inch
paper plates plastic coated -8inch 170mm

Tiffin Plate Round 9inch (Medium Size)

paper delux plates birth day printed  9inch
paper plates plastic coated 9inch
paper plates plastic coated -9inch 190mm

14inch Pathroli (Seating)

Green pathroil plates  14inch

Meal Plate 4CP (4Partitions)

Meal Plate Round 12inch (Buffee)

Green 5ply buffee plates  12inch
green paper plate  12inch

Snack Plate Round 6inch (Small Size)

Board silver paper plates  5inch
paper plates plastic coated 6inch

Snack Plate Round 7inch (Small Size)

Board silver paper plates  7inch
Leaf plates orrisa 7inch

Tiffin Plate Round 10inch (Medium Size)

Board silver paper plates 10inch
paper plates plastic coated 10inch

Aluminium & Plastic Small Containers (50 To 250 Grams)

Aluminium Containers 900Ml To 700Ml

Medium Biscuit Containers 250 To 500 Grams

Rectangle Flat Containers (For Meals - 500 To 1000 Grams)

Round Cake Containers

Round Milky Containers 500Ml-2500Ml

Container 500ml NATURAL

Ice Cream Spoons & Fruit Forks

Ice cream spoons pink ps 92mm
Ice cream spoonsblue ps 3.3inchs
Ice cream spoon clear pp parlour 2.2inchs

Medium Tea Spoons & Forks

Medium milkly fork pp 5inch
Medium milkly fork pp 4.5inchs
Medium ps spoon clear 4inchs
Medium ps spoon clear 4.5 inchs
Medium ps spoon nalli 117mm

Table Spoons & Forks-Premium

Black two in one spork 143mm

Table Spoons & Forks-Regular

Medium ps clear forks 6 inch

Balloons & Caps

Paper Printed Birthday Caps

Candles & Bags

Digital Number Candles 0 To 9

Dinner Napkins

Dinner border plain napkin-2ply 400x400mm
Dinner printed napkin tissue-2ply 40cmx40cm

Facial Tissue Boxes & Wet Tissues

Luncheon Plain Napkins

Luncheon plian napkins-hard 1ply 25cmx25cm
Luncheon soft plain napkin-1ply 27cmx30cm
Luncheon soft plain napkin-1ply 27cmx30cm
Luncheon soft plain napkin-1ply 30x30mm
Luncheon soft plain napkin-2ply 33cmx33cm

Luncheon Printed & Exclusive Napkins

Mflod & Cflod Napkins

C Fold paper towel2ply embossed 21cmx29cm

Toilet & Kitchen Rolls

Tooth Picks & Umbrella Sticks

Fancy toothpicks round wooden (85 PCS )

Wooden Skewers (Kabab Sticks)

bamboo kabab sticks skewers 4 inchs
Bamboo kabab sticks skewers 6inchs
Bamboo kabab sticks skewers 8inchs

Wiping Cloths

Dusting cloth check duster 38x60cm

Air Freshners

Air freshener bottle 234ml (125g)

Cleaning Liquids

Glass cleaner liquid 5 litre can with handle
Glass cleaner liquid spray bottle 500ml
Marble and tiles cleaner liquid cans 5 litre

Cleaning Scrubbers

magic clean steel scrubbers 15grams
magic clean steel scrubbers 20grams
magic clean steel scrubbers 25grams

Garbage Bags

Mop Sticks & Refills

cotton mop refill regular
Magic clean clip mop 2mtr

Soft Brooms

Magic clean soft broom 1mtr

Sponges & Napthalene Balls

clean spong good quality
clean spong light quality light
Naphthalene moth balls white


iron rod with rubbre wipers 20x38inch
Iron rod with rubbre wipers 20x30inch

Fuel Tins

Fuel tin cans 10kgs 10kg tin
Fuel tin cans 7 kgs
Fule tins smallcans 200 grams 200 grams

Hand Gloves

Menu Cards & Face Masks

Chef Caps & Aprons

Boffant caps white double stiched 6.5inch
chef caps paper corrugated round 25x10inches
cloth check printed apron  23.5x33inch
Non woven apron white 799x636mm

Carry Bags,Dosa Sheets & Covers-50 micron

Carry Bag 11 x 14
Carry Bag 10 x 12
Carry Bag 13 x 16
Carry Bag 16 x 20
Carry Bag 20 x 26
Carry Bag 24 x 30
Carry Bag 17 x 23
Janata Poly Covers-5x6-Natural 50 x 60 mm
Janata Poly Covers-5x8-Natural 50 x 80 mm
Janata Poly Covers-6x9-Natural 60 x 90 mm
Milk Carry Bags-50 Micron-10x12 100 x 120 mm
Milk Carry Bags-50 Micron-11x14 110 x 140 mm
Milk Carry Bags-50 Micron-13x16 130 x 160 mm
Milk Carry Bags-50 Micron-16x20 160 x 200 mm
Milk Carry Bags-50 Micron-17x23 170 x 230 mm
Milk Carry Bags-50 Micron-20x26 200 x 260 mm